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Paint Correction

Paint correction is a commonly used term for auto detailing professionals, which is the process of minimizing or removing scratches, swirls, and defects. This term only refers to correcting the very top layer of your vehicle's paint job, the clear coat (with the exception of single stage paint).

We Offer:

  • Gloss Enhancement Polishing

  • Single Stage Correction

  • Two Stage Correction

To Learn more about our paint correction services, click here

Exterior Detailing

Cleaning your vehicles paint is vital in preserving clear coat appearance and life. Our wash methods are meant to reduce the chance of holograms!


We Offer:

  • Soft Hand Wash

  • Deep Clean and Seal Wash


To learn more information about our washes, including pricing, click here

Interior detailing

Our interior detailing services are meant to renew and maintain the cleanliness and sanitation of your vehicle. 


We Offer:

  • ​Light Interior Detail

  • The Works Interior Detail

  • Scent Removal

To learn more information about our interior detailing and add-ons, click here

Detailing Packages

Our packages offer a combination of our services at a reduced bundle rate.

With packages available that suit not only your daily commuter vehicle, but also your show car.

We Offer:

  • Basic Package​

  • Premium Package

  • Executive Package

To learn more information about our packages including pricing, click here

Vehicle Protection

Paint protection is a key part of stopping environmental damage, clear coat fading from UV rays, and extending the life of your paint.

 Paint Protection Film

The best way to protect your paint and prevent damage from rock chips, scuffs and scratches.

We offer PPF that comes backed with a 10 year warranty. To learn more click here.



Ceramic Coating

Ideal for protection against fallout, bird droppings, bug spatter, tar and heat. 

We offer a wide range of professional Coatings for all substrates. Coatings are backed with warranty for the full length of the coating life expectancy. To view the full line of coatings or learn more, click here.

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